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Subtitle Creation and Translation

English Master Template creation, which includes all timing for dialogue, relevant on-screen elements and creation of a show or film glossary, or KNP – “Key Name and Phrase” list, specific to your material.

Our template creators work closely with translation team leads to account for unique colloquialisms, slang and/or general consistency between languages.

Translation and full Review by only the best and most qualified Linguists for an effective 2-translation pass process.

Technical QC by a Technical Editor focusing on proper timing, placement and completeness.

Includes optional client approval process within our secured Online Screening platform upon request.

Subtitle QC

We also offer a separate QC service for existing subtitles, provided they are timed and generated for a second pass review against your program. We can provide our services to review and produce detailed or sample reports with pertinent info indicating the quality of the subtitles, and/or implementation of fixes upon review. Contact us for more info.

Subtitle Conform

Often our customers are in need of retiming to new video, or reformatting to new versions of the material for various destination platforms and are in possession of previously-approved subtitles or captions. Our team can apply various timing adjustments, both automated and manual, to make this otherwise complex task viable for your budget.

We can also provide a layer of Translator QC on top to further upgrade your material and prevent any issues from surfacing during audience display.

Contact us for more information.

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Text Translation

Our Translation services extend to all text, short-form or long-form, including metadata synopses, script translation, audio-description text translation and transcription origination or QC as needed.

Our in-territory teams are also well-versed in various technical, industrial and corporate localization and, “upon request”, can provide specialized resources to fit your material’s needs.

Translation QC

If you have existing, localized material in need of a thorough review by qualified Translators specializing in your field, we can help. We will provide you with a QC Report and implement changes as needed. Please contact us for more information.

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Closed Captioning

Our Caption Editors are experienced professionals with vast experience producing Line-21, CC and SDH files for the deaf and hearing-impaired community. We can help you ensure your material is FCC compliant for Broadcast as well as Online Streaming, DVD and Blu-ray.

As per US FCC Guidelines, our captions are “accurate, synchronous, complete and properly placed.”

*Timed to audio and shot-changes

*Placement in standard center top/bottom or with horizontal variance under speakers on-screen

*Include proper Speaker Identification, sound effects and music descriptors

Contact us for more info on how we can support your content’s accessibility for a global audience.

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Subtitles For The Deaf and Hearing-Impaired

Our English SDH Editors are experienced professionals with vast experience producing Line-21, CC and SDH files for the deaf and hearing-impaired community. We can help you ensure your material is fully accessible with the proper stylistic and technical requirements for this important file-type, SDH.

As per US FCC Guidelines, our SDH subtitles are Accurate, Synchronous, Complete and Properly placed.

*Timed to audio and shot-changes

*Placement in standard center top/bottom

*Include proper Speaker Identification, sound effects and music descriptors

Contact us for more info on how we can support your content’s accessibility for a global audience.

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Localized Audio QC

Our team reviews your localized dubbed content and provides clear and concise QC Reports, suggests changes, identifies missing or unnecessary Forced Narratives in picture and provides an overall assessment of quality for your audience, pre-delivery.

Typically our customers will request either a Spot-QC or a Full Viewback Review.


  1. First three minutes of initial program
  2. Two minutes 25% into program
  3. Two minutes 50% into program
  4. Two minutes 75% into program
  5. Last three minutes of program

Full Localized Audio QC:
Program is reviewed end-to-end

Please contact us for more information

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Script Creation

Our English Script Specialists offer a wide variety of script services, from dialogue lists and as-broadcast scripts to transcripts and continuity lists. Whether you’re preparing for foreign language translations in the dubbing process or require a record of your content for copyright purposes, we can guide you to the customized scripting option that fits your needs perfectly.

Script Translation

Our translation teams also offer our high-quality 2-translation pass process for your scripts. Choose from any of our language combinations, and our expert linguists will ensure your content is carefully and faithfully translated to retain the style and meaning of the original language. Please contact us for more information.

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Our Customers
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Unlike other providers, we take our confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements seriously and do not publish our customer information. Please contact us for further information on the specifications we cover in our workflow and other technical compliance assurances.

Suffice it to say that our customers are quite pleased by our 99% Quality Metrics and proven first-run service results with on-time deliveries major studios and online digital platforms.

War is what happens when language fails.

― Margaret Atwood

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